Welcome to the European Project for Interreligious Learning, EPIL


Europe is a multicultural and multireligious continent,  where people work to overcome historical enmities between cultures and religions.

EPIL works as  a European Roaming College, aiming  to create mutual respect and cooperation in building peaceful communities of equality. In doing that we assume that religion is an important dimension of human identity. Specifically, we are looking for new ways of mutual understanding between Christian and Muslim women.

EPIL invites women to its learning process: They  often have main responsibility to shape everyday life and to contribute to a culture of peace. EPIL aims  to strengthen their competence and to bring a gender perspective into interreligious dialogue.

About 40  women, Christians and Muslims from six countries of Europe and the Middle East participate in the current EPIL Study Course 2011-2013, which started in May 2011.

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