Module I, Zurich

Boldern/Zurich, April 30 – May 7, 2011


The module marks the beginning of a two-year process. It enables women from different countries and diverse religious, ethnic, cultural and linguistic backgrounds to grow together as a learning community.

The module

  • offers training of methods of dialogue and intercultural communication, practised throughout the entire study course; new insights are developed by listening, by assuming an attitude of empathy and by learning techniques that allow for a change of perspective
  • includes a seminar on basic religious issues, presented not as doctrinal statements but as they relate to women’s daily lives; the self-definition of the ‘other’ serves as the basis for further exploration
  • introduces students to the situation of Muslims in Switzerland
  • highlights dialogue initiatives of women of both faiths.


The methodology is carefully designed to include theological and sociological approaches, encounters, peer-group learning and elements of celebration and spirituality. Students will be introduced to and trained in intercultural and interreligious communication.


Switzerland offers a special experience in dealing with multiculturalism and, with its federal structure and democratic institutions, has developed ways of dealing with “difference” in a fair and sensitive manner.


Protestant Academy Boldern
Dr. Doris Strahm, vice-president, Interreligious Think-Tank of Women, Switzerland


Association of Islamic Organisations of Zurich, VIOZ
IG Feminist Theologians of Switzerland
Fatima az Zahra Women’s Organisation
Ecumenical Women’s Movement of Zürich
Women’s Platform, Dialogue Institute Zürich
Zurich Forum of Religions


Evang. Tagungs-und Studienzentrum Boldern
CH-8708 Männedorf, Switzerland
Tel: +41 44 921 71 11
E-mail: ,


Brigitte Becker, Master of Divinity, was born in Germany. She is a theologian and has worked in pastoral counseling. Brigitte Becker is the study director at the Protestant Academy Boldern, with special emphasis on feminist theology, interreligious issues and theology in dialogues.



lenzin-rifaatDr. h.c. Rifa’at Lenzin is Pakistani/Swiss. She studied Islamic Sciences and Comparative Religion, and lectures at the Interreligious “Lehrhaus” (Academy) of Zurich. She is vice-president of the Inter-religious Association of Switzerland (IRAS).

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