EPIL Study Course IV begins in Turkey

Participants of the fourth EPIL Study Course have gathered in Istanbul to learn from each other on the experiences of Identity Discrimination and Islamophobia in their societies.

European Project for Interreligious Learning has started implementing its fourth cycle of the interreligious learning program. The Module I took place in Istanbul, Turkey, from 17 to 23 October, 2015. Participants from four different European countries discussed the topic of Identity, Discrimination and Islamophobia, examining its religious perspective and historical development with focus on contemporary social challenges.

KAGEMThe module was organized and hosted by Turkish organization KAGEM (Women, Family, and Youth Training Center) which is a science, culture and art center founded under the umbrella of Turkish Religious Foundation in 1996 and managed by women. This was the first time Turkey participated in EPIL making it a great contribution to expending EPIL network across Europe.

Open ConferenceThis year’ participants are women who come from both Muslim and Christian backgrounds of four different European countries – Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, The Netherlands and Turkey. Over the days, participants explored the aspects of the problem at hand on thematic workshops, individual and group work, through art and theatre, as well as at the Open Conference on Identity, Discrimination and Islamophobia. Sharing the experiences of different social, religious and cultural backgrounds, they learned from each other on perceiving “the other” and ways of creating a culture of peace and social harmony.

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