EPIL Study Course IV 2015-2017

Having successfully completed three courses of interreligious learning, EPIL is starting its fourth Study Course this autumn. Participating countries in Study Course IV include Turkey, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina and The Netherlands.

EPIL Study Course IV will last for two years 2015–2017. Each of the participating countries will organize a module of an average length of seven days, on a specific topic and will be conducted according to the following timetable:

  • Module I: Turkey 17-23 October 2015 – Istanbul

Topic: Identity Discrimination and Islamophobia

  • Module II – home country module: April 2016, 3 days – home countries

Topic: Towards Pedagogy of Religious Diversity

  • Module III: Austria 1-7 October 2016 – Vienna

Topic: Historic Memories and Present-Day Realities

  • Module IV: Bosnia and Herzegovina 20-26 May 2017 – Sarajevo, Zenica, Srebrenica

Topic: Justice and Reconciliation Contribute in Healing Process

  • Module V: The Netherlands 30 September – 6 October 2017 – Amsterdam

Topic: The Challenge of Migrant Communities – Revisiting Integration

 Study Course IV


More information available in EPIL Booklet: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD!

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