EPIL Board members for 2019-2023

Martina Heinrichs, EPIL President for the mandate of 2019-2022

The 8th General Assembly of the EPIL Association was held in Zenica on June 15, 2019.

The assembly was prepared and sponsored with the support of Medica Zenica, that has been a great partner to EPIL project over many years.

The main discussion points of the EPIL members considered the future of EPIL, the upcoming Study Course V as well as the new EPIL leadership.

Having reviewed all the points of the proposed agenda, the EPIL Board presented the details of the Study Course V that begins in 2020 in all participating countries (Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, The Netherlands and Turkey). As previously agreed the Study Course V brings changes to the dynamics of the overall program and increases the number of its participants. More information is available here.

The members of the General Assembly voted the the Board for the period of 2019-2023:

  • Martina Heinrichs – Board member and EPIL President
  • Sabiha Husic – Board member and Vice-President
  • Barbara Heyse-Schaefer – Board member
  • Emel Topçu – Board member
  • Catharina Gyarmathy – Associate to the Board

The members of the EPIL association expressed their thanks and congratulations to the new Board, giving them their full support in implementing the Study Couse V in years to come.

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