EPIL Board meeting in Zenica

EPIL Board meets in Zenica

Having completed EPIL Study Course IV 2015-2017 EPIL Board members agreed that it is time to restructure EPIL and introduce changes into the project. Therefore, one of the main topics at the 7th EPIL General Assembly was reviewing all the study courses and thinking about present day realities.

Thinking about the future of EPIL, the members discussed ideas, vision, good practices and things that needed to change for the next Study Course.

Over the course of two years, since the General Assembly in 2017 hosted by EPIL members from the Netherlands, EPIL work has been oriented towards reforming EPIL and transforming the project into a more efficient and better version of itself. The general meeting in the Netherlands allowed many present members to make suggestions and provide feedback in terms of EPIL dynamics. The main conclusion of the meeting was that the program needed adaptation and modernization. Therefore, the EPIL Board held a meeting in Zenica, in April 11-13, 2019 and introduced new principles and ways of the coming change:

  • Increase the number of EPIL participants.
  • Participants from participating countries including the international group of other nationalities.
  • Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Netherlands and Turkey will host three home modules for their respective countries. In addition, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Netherlands will host international modules (one per country) for all participants from four countries.
  • The length of the complete program will be 1,5 years instead of 2 years.
  • The length of the module will be 5 days instead of 7. Travel days are not included.
  • International modules will be held in Bosnia and the Netherlands. Each country will organize three home modules for their nationals in the period of 1,5 years, according to the schedule.

With these principles, EPIL Board continued to develop the program and prepare for fundraising for 2020.


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