What are EPIL’s goals?

EPIL is an educational process created to train students to understand and manage religious diversity in order to build equitable and peaceful communities. It focuses on Christian-Muslim relations and on the role of women in creating a culture of peace.



The project aims to:

  • show how Islam and Christianity are “systems of being” in the world
  • explore the nature of religious freedom in the secular and democratic context of European societies
  • build awareness of the historical role of Islam in Europe and the way memories shape today’s relationships in everyday life
  • analyse conditions that may lead to the misuse of religion for non-religious purposes, and identify ways to avoid it
  • develop a gender perspective, keeping the viewpoint and contributions of women in focus
  • harness the potential of religion to create an everyday culture of peace and social harmony, and explore the role of women in this process
  • contribute to overcoming violence and promote respect for human rights
  • train students in proven methods of dialogue, communication and conflict mediation.

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