International Board of the EPIL Association

Former EPIL Board members

Wies Houweling
Rev. Wies Houweling, Amsterdam, Netherlands – experienced international networker and organiser with a solid background in (volunteer) management, theology and modern communications. For years she was the Dutch face in the World Council ofChurches. At present she is a member of the Taskforce Governance of the International Council of Unitarians and Universalists. Houweling works for Vrijzinnigen Nederland (Association of Dutch Liberal Protestants) where she has a networking function to connect and support 47 local communities. In addition is the face of Vrijzinnigen Nederland and a regular writer and blogger.
Manuela Kalsky
Former Vice President, Dr. Manuela Kalsky, Amsterdam, Netherlands – holder of the Edward Schillebeeckx Chair for Theology and Society at VU University in Amsterdam, is director of the Dominican Research Centre for Theology and Society and the interreligious website She studied theology in Marburg (Germany) and at Amsterdam University, where she obtained a PhD. In her work she focuses on gender and religion, cross cultural theologies and interreligious dialogue. She is a board member of EPIL. Website:

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