“Living Together” – Focus programme of the Austrian Protestant Women

„Living Together“ – a folder with materials and background documentation for interreligious dialogue for the yearly campain 2014/15.

Editing Team: Aleks Kolodziejczyk, Barbara Heyse-Schaefer, 2. Edition 2014

The folder is dedicated to exploring respect for difference in dealing with „the other“. It was conceived for work in parishes, in religious education and confirmation classes, and in programmes of adult education within the Protestant Church of Austria.

It aims at using the experiences of EPIL and making them fruitful for peaceful living together in a secular society.


Conferences on the theme of Convivencia of the Austrian Protestant Women

  • „In the shoes of the other – Learning to live in multireligious Europe“. Spring Conference April 4 – 6, 2014 with Reinhild Traitler
  • „Dialogue at Eye Level“ autumn conference, 17-19 October 2014, with Amira Hafner Al- Jabaji and Mariam Troschl


Interreligious events in Austria

  • Interreligious Sermon, as part of a series „Interreligious dialogue with Islam“, preached by Barbara Heyse-Schaefer and Lise Abid, January 2014
  • „Interreligious dialogue and everyday life encounters“; Workshop with Waltraut Kovacic, February 2014
  • „Eating and Drinking in the World’s Religions“. Food and food laws in the different religions, together with the Protestant Academy Vienna, November 2014


Vienna, June 2015

Barbara Heyse-Schaefer
President of EPIL

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