Dialogue weekends in the Netherlands

Two dialogue weekends where EPIL was involved were organized in the Dominican priory of Huissen, 22-23 February 2014 and also on 20-22 February 2015.

In the first of these two weekends, Christian and Muslim women took part; the second weekend was an trialogue encounter of Christian, Muslim and Jewish women.

In the first weekend three stories were read from the Bible and the Quran, focusing on the role of women in conflict situations. These stories raised questions which were worked out in various ways. Not only was the mind addressed, but the heart as well. The participants meditated together about visions of peace in both traditions and prayed in each other’s presence for peace in the many large and small conflicts in our world. In this way, the connection was made with the lives of the participants.

In the second weekend the dialogue became a trialogue. Starting point of this weekend was the story of Hajar/Hagar which appears in both the Tenach (the Hebrew Bible) and the Quran. The participants practised the art of interpreting the story and freely asking questions to each other. They experienced how encountering each other and getting to know each other a bit better are prerequisites for being able to really listen to each other and enter into each other’s religious language.

Gé Speelman / Annego Hogebrink / Ina Veldman (transl. Heleen Ransijn)

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